Printed and graphic shirts are fun gifts and marketing tools. However, if you want to make it personalized, the best T-shirt fonts should be a priority. You can choose just about any font and style to grace the print. However, it’s important to remember that the type of font will affect the vibe of the shirt.
Cursive fonts for T-shirts are fun and innovative. Still, others choose simple, sans serifs for a cleaner look. Whatever you want, here are some of the font types discussed:


Sans (non) serif fonts

If your priority is readability, sans serif fonts are unbeatable. It’s simple, clean, and very cool in the eyes. This font is also popular as a contemporary choice, especially for brands. Take Google, for example. They prefer a simple sans serif font for legibility and a minimalistic approach. For brands who also embody this core values, sans serif is the font to choose.
However, some find it boring for graphic shirts that have a stronger message to send.


Serif fonts

Just add little feet on the sans serif fonts and you’ll have the serif type. This font is excellent for a traditional, classic feel. It’s also legible and suitable for formal brands. However, if you’re looking for fun fonts for T-shirts, serif types could be a little boring.

Also, serif fonts tend to be less appealing if blown out in T-shirt prints. Still, this is a great choice for those who are planning to print large swaths of text.


Cursive or script fonts

For those looking for a creative and more expressive font, cursive or script types are endearing. It never fails to draw the attention of other people onto the shirt. With that, it becomes an effective choice for branding and statement shirts. Have you ever got hooked on a shirt? Chances are it’s printed with a cursive font.
Cursive fonts also have a decorative nature which is good if you want to keep it simple yet appealing.


Display or bold T-shirt font

On the other hand, display fonts are specially designed types made for a specific purpose. These are fancy fonts that don’t fall in any of the first three types. Usually, it features novelty strokes and elements that add more eye-catching effects to the shirt. This is used by brands that want an exclusive and unique look on their shirts.



You can always use a combination of these four font types. However, remember that not all of these mixes and matches beautifully. Always consider legibility and overall look before starting to print the shirts. Combination T-shirt font styles can make or break the message you’re trying to convey.

The best T-shirt fonts depend on the design and vibe you want to achieve. Always be meticulous on the look and avoid overcrowding your shirts with tons of texts. Hopefully, the tips above helped you in improving your shirt project. Remember that these are just basic ideas that, if done right, will have a big difference in the design.

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