The following details and info are the way you can start customizing and creating your own custom design.

How to Get Started - Steps and Info
  1. First open our Mock Up Designer
        1.1. Under our Main Menu > Mock Up Designer or click here
  2. Choose one of our customizable items that you wanted to customize and create your unique design. Here are the list of our apparel.
        A. Gildan Premium Cotton Adult T-Shirt 76000 (UNISEX)
        B. Maximus Ladies Round Neck T-Shirt 160 GSM
        C. Full Combed Cotton Envelope Sleeve Baby Romper (UNISEX)
        D. Foursquare Kids Round Neck T-Shirt (UNISEX)
        E. Gildan Soft style Adult T-Shirt 63000 (UNISEX)
        F. Foursquare Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt 160 GSM (UNISEX)
  3. Then, you can now customize your t-shirt using our customizing tools located at the left side of the customizer.
        3.1. Products, here you can change and edit the following
            1. you can change the selected apparel
            2. you can select the color of your selected apparel
            3. you can choose what you want to print (back and front) sizes and quantity
            4. and you can see the price calculation formula
        3.2 Templates, here you can select customizable pre-design templates.
        3.3 Clip Arts, if you want to add awesome and high quality clip arts you can see all of these under Clip Arts
        3.4 Text, here you can add customizabe texts with different font style and styles of the fonts. !00% customizable and guarantee your satisfaction.
        3.5 Images, on these tools if you don’t want our cliparts or templates you can upload your own images from your desktop or mobile phones. If you want you can select images from Pixabay, Open Clipart, Facebook and Instagram that located at Images > Resources Tab
        3.6 Shapes, you add different shapes under Shape tool
        3.7 Drawing, using this tool you can add and create any drawings or any lines that you created.
        3.8 Layers, on this tool you can navigate, arrange and see all the images or text under layers
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