In a world of mass market tees, how do you stand out form the crowd? Have you ever been on board the mrt or bus, wearing your Favourite tee only to realise in horror that another person is wearing the same exact tee as you? Not your best fashion forward day right? We are sure that this is a common problem that we can identify with.Β Β Which is why we have set up Teemagix to unleash the magic of wearing tees πŸ™‚

At Teemagix we believe that we can help you create that special tee or a wardrobe of them if it makes you happy and one can never have enough of tees right? They are comfy especially suitable for Singapore’s uniquely humid wet weather. Tees can bring you to the market, to the coffee shop or even to the office (depending on your office’s dress code πŸ™‚ ) Over at Teemagix we are committed to helping you, while be just uniquely you, especially from the fashion stand point at least πŸ™‚

We have a wide array of tee designs for all ages and demographics. From men, women, right down to kids and babies. You name it, we have it. So if you are looking at customising tees for your kiddos as well as for yourself, we are definitely your one stop shop πŸ˜‰

So you might be wondering how are we different from other players out there? Well for one, we want to give you that individual sense of style that is uniquely you πŸ™‚

Be it for parties, festivals like Chinese New Year, Halloween etc, we have you covered. If our wide range of tee designs still do not fulfill your inner fashionista, fear not. You always have the option of customising your tee. What you do is to simply search for your Favourite design online and then just send it to us and then hey presto , your tee will be delivered to your doorstop in a matter of days. So if you have always wanted a tee with your name on it, or a photo of your adorable pet on it, it can be done πŸ™‚ And what’s more you can be assured that the printing quality will definitely capture the richness of the Colours of your desired picture.

So you might be wondering how are we different from other players out there ?

Besides our extensive range of tee designs and the option of customising your tees, you can be assured that whatever design that u choose, we use only the finest printing technology.

So what are you waiting for, unleash your inner tee fashionista today by simply visiting us atΒ TeeMagix.com. We have promo codes available so start chatting with us anytime.

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